Total president drives an EV

Published on

June 5, 2018


Article by

Carlos García

Just as there is a lot of resistance in the headquarters of oil companies to the changes that are beginning to shape a world without carbon emissions, there are exceptions to this behaviour and that is why companies like Total and the former Statoil, now reconverted as Equinor, take the risk of embracing the renewable business with greater impetus than its competitors.

It should not be surprising that the president of Total publicly admitted that he drives an electric car, signalling the economic sense of becoming a future electric company rather than an oil or gas company. “In the blink of an eye,” he said, “there is no need for oil.”

This step from the conventional car to the electric car is accelerating, and only the speed of this transition is discussed. That is to say “The conversion of the transport sector to electric – increasingly supplied by renewable energy resources – and that of all cars to autonomous mode is pretty much accepted as conventional wisdom: the debate is primarily focused on the pace of change and the ultimate scenario that may emerge once the conversion is accomplished. Not everyone, of course, agrees that the end of oil is near or in fact ever possible.”


Big Oil pivots to electricity, Total leads the way

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