PetroAnalysis has provided a serious and constant analysis of the interrelationship of Middle East and global petroleum for almost the last three decades. Over this time, PetroAnalysis has been able to point out, clarify, and suggest clear roadmaps for the many times very difficult and confusing situations that have presented themselves. PetroAnalysis has always aimed to act as a guide and to give direction, and will continue to do so in the period of change and new balances that are coming into play.


Provide support to each professional, who needs to establish the different angles of a geopolitical phenomenon, for this we carefully perceive the relevant fact of each subject, placing it in the proper context for their understanding. In this way, Petroanalysis becomes an instrument of utility and reference for the formation of opinion and decision making in the area of global geopolitics.


PetroAnalysis focuses on international oil geopolitics, concentrating on the most pertinent questions in the ever dynamic world of petroleum.


The PETROANALYSIS team is made up of professionals specialized in each area of analysis. These professionals are led by the economist Professor Mazhar Al-Shareidah who has been a leading expert in the field of geopolitics and international economics for more than 40 years..


Mazhar Al-Shereidah


Stuart Wilkinson

Research Coordinator:

Alfredo Ordoñez López

Energy Analyst:

Carlos García

Web Developer:

Manuel E. Pérez


Omar Chique / Hermes Pérez / Asdrubal Lares

Network of researchers and collaborators in:

Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Norway, Middle East and North Africa.