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The U.S. likes gas-guzzlers (Review)

After the 1973 oil crisis the U.S. tried to rework gasoline consumption habits, but not with much success in the light of history. The big auto makers have turned to producing more trucks and SUVs that consume more fuel per mile. U.S. gasoline is cheaper than in Europe, for example, and has comparatively less incidence […]

Global LNG positive for EU security of supply

In 2016, around 76% of extra-European Union gas imports came from just two countries, Russia and Norway; a further 13% arrived in the form of LNG; and the remaining 11% came from Algeria and Libya. (1) In 2013, Russia accounted for 39% of the European Union’ natural gas imports. Norway, which is not a member […]

Crude Oil Speculation: Cushing’s Inventory Manipulation I

Published on

November 4, 2018


In 2008, according to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC, 2011), Parnon Energy illegally wrought the NYMEX WTI futures contract prices. At the time, the supply of crude and WTI at the Cushing crude oil hub in Oklahoma was tight, and the WTI price was above 112 $/barrel. The strategy comprised several actions. The […]

Los 50 mayores yacimientos de crudo del mundo (Parte 1)

De acuerdo con la clasificación de la OPEP, los 50 mayores yacimientos de crudo se encuentran en 15 países en el mundo. El país con más yacimientos gigantes es Arabia Saudita con 10, seguido de Iraq e Irán, con 7 cada uno. Los yacimientos más antiguos corresponden a Venezuela, mientras el más joven de petróleo […]