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Oil market. Review of 2019 and outlook for 2020

Published on

January 8, 2020


According to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the Global economic growth slowed in 2019, affected by a variety of challenges. Trade issues not only led to reduction in global final consumption but also caused investment growth to decelerate. On the positive side, global trade slowdown has likely bottomed out, and now the […]

Modeling Regional Oil Demand I

Published on

December 6, 2019


Oil demand is mainly driven by changes in GDP. However institutional factors play an extraordinary role, as states may implement energy policies destined to reduce the carbon content of their economies. In this regard, multiple initiatives have been enforced, especially after it has been perceived that high oil import needs impact energy security. Hence, according […]

Oil Demand at the Crossroads

In the very long run, producers should agree with consumers on an ultimate reduction in the share of consumer’s oil supplies, but producers may take a different stand on the speed and timing of the energy transition period. (1) “OPEC at the Crossroads”. Fadhil J. Al-Chalabi, 1989 We understood the Saudi-Russian understanding and agreements as […]

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries | World Oil Outlook 2019

Artículo original de:  Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo | Secretary General   Non-OPEC supply prospects have been revised up sharply, as US tight oil, in particular, has again outperformed expectations. While there continues to be talk of more financial prudence in the tight oil patch, prospects for growth remain given that efficiency and technology gains have further increased. […]

The risk premium: a thing of the past

In a recent report on geopolitical risk, the author noted perplexingly that markets were bored, literally expressing that the market may be numb in the face of what once caused considerable volatility. Similar scepticism plagued the central comment in the International Energy Agency’s most recent monthly report, pointing out that intuitively, precision attacks on Saudi […]