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West African oil potential 1999 to 2010

(Part 2 of the series “West Africa: Important for China, but still so for the US? – The importance for the US and China of sub-Saharan West African petroleum producers from 1999 to 2019”) “In terms of reserves, I think that West Africa could reach 100 billion barrels, which is equivalent to Iran or Kuwait” […]

Evolución de las importaciones de crudos por parte de China durante el primer semestre de 2019

Autor: Henry David Gómez Caicedo Perfil el Linkendin: Correo electrónico: Resumen: Durante el periodo Ene-Jun 2019 las importaciones de crudo de China promediaron 9.897 MBD, registrando un incremento de 9 % respecto al mismo periodo del año anterior, en consonancia con el incremento registrado en las corridas de crudos por parte del sistema […]

Orimulsion seemed to have a bright future

“Orimulsion” was a cocktail of bitumen, water and an emulsifier that could be pumped through unheated pipelines and be burnt in power stations. Plans were that by the end of the twentieth century twenty million metric tons per annum of Orimulsion should be produced and marketed. However, the decision was made to close down operations […]

Oil price formation: Fundamentals versus financial markets approach. Some ideas.

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August 11, 2019


In the following lines, we will discuss the relationship between the formation of oil prices and the increasing impact that financial markets have had on the formation of prices of commodities markets and, in particular, crude oil. Content Introduction Deregulation of financial derivatives and energy derivatives. Evolution of the financial operations of crude oil. Relationship […]