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Decarbonisation… a worrisome prospect for many

By Mazhar Al-Shereidah Looking at the above graphic leads to some striking observations: 1. Coal, the most contaminating and the very original fuel of the Industrial Revolution and all its catastrophic consequences for the environment, is the less affected fossil fuel of all. 2. Natural gas, which is used to be considered as the most […]

There is a symbiotic US-OPEC relationship

Petroanalysis Team Recently Petroanalysis published Mike Summers’ API article on NOPEC. The following is meant to add some clarification and emphasis. Oil prices have generally been rising this year as OPEC and Russia stick to supply cuts, despite pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump. This is something that is perceived by public opinion as a […]

Crude Oil Speculation: The 2007 U.S. Congress Hearing and the ‘NOPEC’ Legislation I

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January 30, 2019


After the April 2018 spike in gasoline prices, the No Oil Producing Exporting Cartels (“NOPEC”) Act has become prominent again. The act attempts ‘to hold OPEC member states liable for violations of U.S. antitrust legislation for what are seen as anticompetitive attempts to limit the world’s supply of petroleum’ (Verrastro and Pumphrey, 2011). The Act […]