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OPEC´s Review of 2018 and Outlook for 2019

Published on

January 6, 2019


Introduction The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reviewed the economic evolution in 2018 and its forecasts for 2019 in its monthly bulletin. In this sense, it highlighted how the economic expansion was greater in the United States because of its large fiscal stimulus, while other advanced countries registered more moderate growth rates. In the […]

Dilemmas of an accelerated energy transition

The oil business carried out by countries or private companies could take a 180-degree turn if the scenarios that point to the occurrence of an energy transition based on de-carbonization are fulfilled ahead of schedule. A trend based on non-linear factors associated with policy decisions and technological leaps that accelerate the production of renewable energy […]

Crude Oil Speculation: Cushing’s Inventory Manipulation II

Published on

December 9, 2018


As indicated before by the CFTC, Parnon/Arcadia intended to make a lot of money by manipulating the inventories at Cushing. Their strategy consisted in selling NYMEX WTI contracts, while making other traders believe that the market was tight. However, the end-of-month balance would be modified – unexpectedly – into a surprise surplus, leading to a […]

Apuntes de política petrolera venezolana (VIII)

Artículo original por Carlos Mendoza Potellá. CITGO y la “Internacionalización” (Cuarta parte) Cumpliendo lo prometido en el “Apunte” anterior,  propongo a los lectores una revisión de los últimos resultados disponibles de los negocios internacionales de PDVSA, 2012-2016. Allí se puede constatar que no es gratuito el calificativo de “pírricos” que machaconamente he atribuido a los […]