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Date Palms, Saudi Arabia’s eternal wealth

BURAYDAH Dates Festival It has been a lifeline for thousands of Saudi Arabia’s dates farmers during the past 60 years. Buraydah’s location in the heart of the historic Najd region has made it a hub of diverse cultures and a variety of festivals, featuring markets selling food and handicrafts. Through its pavilion at the Buraydah […]

Decarbonisation… a worrisome prospect for many

By Mazhar Al-Shereidah Looking at the above graphic leads to some striking observations: 1. Coal, the most contaminating and the very original fuel of the Industrial Revolution and all its catastrophic consequences for the environment, is the less affected fossil fuel of all. 2. Natural gas, which is used to be considered as the most […]

Canada oil sands: Discount level reinforces OPEC strategy

Canadian crude production is close to 4.5 million barrels per day (BD), thanks to the success of the development of oil sands. 64% of total production, 2,700,000 BD corresponds to oil processed by the exploitation of these oil sands. Total crude oil production in Canada is 4,200,000 BD, of which 3.3 million BD is exported. […]

Climate change and central banks

On 11/06/18 Benoît Coeuré, member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), spoke about the impact of climate change on monetary policy, reflecting a shift in the perception of monetary authorities that should be taken into account. Initially, he left the polemic aside on whether or not there is climate change – […]