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Climate change and central banks

On 11/06/18 Benoît Coeuré, member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), spoke about the impact of climate change on monetary policy, reflecting a shift in the perception of monetary authorities that should be taken into account. Initially, he left the polemic aside on whether or not there is climate change – […]

Why did Statoil change its name to Equinor?

Earlier this year the board of directors of what was then Statoil proposed changing the name of the company to Equinor. This was duly carried out. Here are the Board of Director’s reasons behind Statoil’s choice of the new name as outlined in a March press conference: “The name change supports the company’s strategy and […]

La bonanza petrolera en Estados Unidos parece no tener fin

La producción de petróleo en Estados Unidos está escalando de manera vigorosa y marcando nuevos techos históricos. Según el más reciente informe semanal del Departamento de Energía subió hasta 11.600.000 barriles diarios (BD), superando holgadamente a Arabia Saudita quien registró en septiembre su máximo histórico de 10.700.000 BD y a Rusia, quien a su vez […]

Lawsuit against ExxonMobil: compromises oil industry future

The recent report of the United Nations Climate Panel (IPCC) reveals the urgency of the extraordinary measures that governments, companies and families must carry out in their patterns of energy consumption in order to avoid the fact that in twelve years the emission of more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere will raise the average temperature […]