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Weak oil demand into 2020

The oil market faces the possibility that the demand for crude oil will weaken in the remainder of 2019 and in the beginning of 2020. In this regard, among the elements that can support this claim would be: •          The end of the summer driving season in some countries, which will take away an important factor […]

Oil price formation: Fundamentals versus financial markets approach. Some ideas.

In the next lines, we will study the relationship between the formation of oil prices and the increasing impact that financial markets have had on the formation of prices of commodities markets and, in particular, crude oil. Content Introduction Deregulation of financial derivatives and energy derivatives. Evolution of the financial operations of crude oil. Relationship […]

2018: Prices, market fundamentals and financial markets

The next note will evaluate the evolution of the main data of the oil market in 2018: prices, market fundamentals (supply and demand) and financial market operations. In this context, the prices of the oil market rose around 32% (equivalent to US $ 17 per barrel) so far in 2018 (until December 13) and accumulate […]