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La Academia tiene una oportunidad singular de estudiar de nuevo a la OPEP para acabar con un mito en torno a la OPEP como vanguardia del Tercer Mundo y paladín anti- imperialista. Es un mito que carece en buena parte de la objetividad científica, histórica. Tenga acceso a la exposición completa en el siguiente  ENLACE

New global oil order looks for market stability.

The 12 April 2020 marks the founding of the New International Petroleum Order, NIPO: made up of producers, exporters, consumers, its most emblematic organizations (OPEC plus and IEA); negotiated by Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, and immediately confirmed by the G-20. Only the resolute involvement at the Heads of State level could close the distance between […]

Oil from a Doctor’s Perspective

I have not analyzed the reasons for the drop in the oil price from $70 to $ 35 in six months, in spite of the geopolitical factors. with the massive attack on the Saudi oil installations, the killing of Qasimi Sulaimani, and the noise of war drums between Iran and the U.S. In my opinion […]

Low Oil Prices: A Threat to US Strategic Vision

When it comes to Great Powers and oil, for some reason the first case that comes to my mind is that of Great Britain. Perhaps for the following reasons: It had none of its own but nevertheless established a strategy for the control over foreign oil in the Eastern Hemisphere where it had successfully exercised […]

A New Global Compact Coming for Oil

It was in WWII when Secretary Harold Ickes tried to give the international oil industry a framework of stability with a strategic vision. For that purpose, he sought an understanding with the British government which then had a decisive role in the production and pricing policy of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. Finally, the text and […]