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OPEC, Russia and shale are in the same boat

Some are announcing OPEC’s approaching death, but where does the truth lie? It would be useful for those who celebrate the US number one position as an oil producer to compare the number of their producing wells with those in Saudi Arabia. This short exercise shows that the reality is that the very poor productivity […]

Depleted Uranium and Climate Change… Bush 41 In Memoriam

Environment and climate change have become part of the most often and seriously discussed issues worldwide. But unfortunately not everyone is convinced by, as a case in point, the very recent official and alarming US report which concludes that the changing climate “is transforming where and how we live and presents growing challenges to human […]

Apuntes de política petrolera venezolana (VII)

Artículo original por Carlos Mendoza Potellá CITGO y la “internacionalización” (Tercera parte) Las referencias históricas hechas en las dos “Apuntes” anteriores, fueron motivadas precisamente por los recientes intentos de los acreedores de la República de cobrarse, a la brava, con patrimonios de ésta ubicados fuera de su jurisdicción y soberanía. Como a la oportunidad la […]

A world of nightmares

A new world is emerging. The diversity and complexity of the challenges that now have to be faced have completely new characteristics. These new realities need to be recognized and adapted to. At that time, October 2017, we chose Adapting to New Realities as a title to summarize the vision and express some thoughts. A […]

The U.S. and the new oil geopolitics: the impact of shale

Introduction Oil production in the United States, which had been declining steadily since 1970, was boosted by the growing exploitation of shale¹ . Access to this unconventional crude was made possible by new technological discoveries associated with advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing² . The union of the described elements propitiated what could be […]

Apuntes de política petrolera venezolana (VI)

CITGO y la “internacionalización” (Segunda parte) Continuado la reseña iniciada en el anterior “Apuntes”, debo decir que mi posición sobre la materia in comento, sostenida desde el inicio del proceso de adquisición de refinerías en el exterior, en 1983, ha sido fundamentada extensamente por otros investigadores del tema, en particular por el ya citado Juan […]