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The Rules of Engagement have now changed

“No to war” is the message that seems to be on the minds of most people concerned with the relationship between the USA and Iran. Most importantly, in both countries the real policymakers new exactly the extension, duration and limits of the highly explosive episode that gave the impression to having brought the whole Middle […]

OPEC: Re-tuned Concepts

In order to make significant decisions time is needed and the environment must be appropriate. In addition, the choice of partners with which common objectives are to be achieved goes through a long period of observation and scrutiny… Oil market stability is important for a large number of players, but those who are the major […]

Why Oil Prices Goes Down !

“Why Oil Prices Goes Up” was the title of a very important article written by V.H.Oppenheim, published in Foreign Policy in 1976. Now that oil prices in real terms are lower than they stood before four decades and the trend is falling, there should be no  apparent reason to bring the above mentioned piece for […]

The invasion of Iraq: who would make the Kings?

EDITORIAL Perle’s eulogy for the vision of collective security the UN offered is an important illustration of the vision of the future it outlines, a view that is truly staggering in its ambition, and in its casual rejection of the framework of international law. When looking back historically to the United States’ invasion of Iraq […]

Conventionalization is brought back for discussion

Mazhar Al-Shereidah. In his Tweet account he expressed his astonishment that oil prices have dipped again on August 7th in spite of a number of events… Geopolitical unrest seems to have lost, at least temporarily, its power to rescue falling oil prices. Excessive inventories together with trade wars weigh more than what the driving season […]