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API: NOPEC Act will prejudice US oil industry

Most people see very complex issues just in black and white and tend to take a simplistic position with regard to beliefs and ideology. Whole generations can live with the consequences of such wrong conclusions, and this fact can easily lead to consequential political and even military decisions. The following text from Mike Summers, president […]

Remembering Nasser…

It looked as if it were a discussion about tourism, public places and avenues in Moscow named after Nasser: the Egyptian president who died in September 1970. Our storyteller was asking a friend who recently came back from Russia if Nasser is still remembered there and if there is any monument to pay respect to […]

Apuntes de Política Petrolera Venezolana IX

Artículo original de  Carlos Mendoza Pottellá Recursos, Reservas, Faja y Lutitas El US Geological Survey, USGS según sus siglas, acaba de presentar el resultados de sus estimaciones sobre los recursos del campo Wolfcamp en las lutitas de la Cuenca Pérmica de Texas y Nuevo México. Informa, además, que es la mayor estimación de recursos técnicamente […]

US oil producers: Import quotas wished for

The following article “American oil producers demand return of Eisenhower-era import quotas” was published in North American Energy News in April 2016, and was a request to the victor in the coming presidential elections. Within the text Max Fawcett says that such quotas would represent an enormous geopolitical shift, and would likely leave the United […]