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Luego del ataque realizado justamente contra dos embarcaciones petroleras, y el intento de ataque al barco “Kokuka Courageous” de bandera japones, el 13 de junio de 2019, en el golfo de Omán, ha generado que el Departamento de Defensa norteamericano, anuncié el despliegue de unos 1.000 soldados adicionales en Oriente Medio, para defender los intereses […]

Cuba has a real stake in Venezuelan oil

By Mazhar Al-Shereidah It is not an easy task to have an in-depth conversation and the respective analysis whilst in darkness. The blackout experienced in Venezuela in the past days was a severe event that even hindered objective and balanced discussions. All of a sudden technical subjects became political and ideological. That Venezuela is amidst […]

Parallel 38

By Mazhar Al-Shereidah It was my first step into reading about international politics… 1950. A summer afternoon in Basrah, Iraq. I was ten years old. To avoid the harsh sunshine, there was little light in the room and my grandfather, about ninety years old had difficulties in reading the newspaper he held in his hands, […]

Complex, and even disturbing, new realities

Uncertainties are increasing in the different aspects of international relations, and this fact is now determining the very nature not only of commerce but also the most simple rules of a free market economy – let alone the aspiration of globalization. The US is in this sense amidst harsh confrontations with both China, which can […]

API: NOPEC Act will prejudice US oil industry

Most people see very complex issues just in black and white and tend to take a simplistic position with regard to beliefs and ideology. Whole generations can live with the consequences of such wrong conclusions, and this fact can easily lead to consequential political and even military decisions. The following text from Mike Summers, president […]