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OPEC: “Union makes strength”

As it will soon be the Anniversary of OPEC, on 14th September, people are discussing just how it came into being. Outside Venezuela not many people know that a Venezuelan – Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo – is known as “the father of OPEC”, but can this really be the case after careful consideration of the […]

John McCain: We Need a Strategy for the Middle East

From the New York Times 24th October 2017 Clashes this month between elements of the Iraqi security forces and Kurdish fighters around Kirkuk are deeply troubling, in particular because of the United States’ longstanding friendship with the Kurdish people. These clashes are also emblematic of a broader, more troubling reality: Beyond our tactical successes in […]

Al Adha

The Petroanalysis team was discussing the most recent and outstanding issues concerning the oil market when our storyteller paid us a visit. He first quietly listened to the facts, figures and arguments affecting price oscillations and then said that he has brought us a present on a special occasion for him. This is Part One […]

Orinoco Belt: The Faja – practically still a virgin

History sometimes repeats itself. This does not happen as an exact copy but does so according to changing circumstances. Just a few days ago the present Venezuelan government decided to practically overhaul the whole legal framework of the oil industry, coming perhaps as a realistic answer to the well-known and unhidden reality of the deteriorating […]

Venezuelan Oil: The Jewel in the Crown

(Originally published on the 15th February 2002) Since the time of writing this article, many realities on the ground have changed, leading to the necessity of reassessing what then was considered as a fact and probable outcome. At this moment, we bring it back into consideration for the users of this investigative service. It may […]