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Venezuelan Oil: The Jewel in the Crown

(Originally published on the 15th February 2002) Since the time of writing this article, many realities on the ground have changed, leading to the necessity of reassessing what then was considered as a fact and probable outcome. At this moment, we bring it back into consideration for the users of this investigative service. It may […]

Israel and Russia: yesterday… and today

Exchange of Letters, Bulganin – Ben-Gurion, 5 and 8 November 1956. Source: Israel Ministry of Foreign affairs… On 5 November 1956, Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin addressed Notes to the Prime Ministers of Britain, France, and Israel. In his Note to Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, he warned Israel that its recent actions had placed its very existence […]

Churchill drank the Zamzam waters in 1945

By Mazhar Al-Shereidah On February 28th 2018 The Times published a quite illustrative article by British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, entitled “Saudi reformer Mohammed bin Salman deserves our support”. The following lines do not pretend to discuss the arguments and the possible interests behind Mr. Johnson’s position but rather draw attention to some valuable facts […]

The Poodle, Lenin and OPEC

By Mazhar Al-Shereidah. The international system is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to adapt to the new realities. Just when everyone thought that there could be no humiliation worse than that which the Arab World in general and Iraq in particular were submitted to, the world has been surprised by the obedience and complacency […]